Game Changer Negotiation Training™ for Women

Does this sound familiar?

  • You constantly negotiate but never received training on how to be effective.
  • You want to grow as a leader but aren’t learning skills that impact your daily
  • You frequently negotiate for internal resources for your projects and team, but
    struggle to successfully navigate these asks.
  • You have an opportunity to go up in your career but aren’t sure how to get the most out of the opportunity.

Leverage your strengths to lead your team.

Negotiation is a critical skill in leadership. It enables you to be a better leader, employee, and team member. Yet too many women aren’t taught proven tactics to excel; instead, negotiation is seemingly relegated to just salary negotiations.

Game Changer Negotiation Training™ uses our proven methodology to help you gain confidence as a negotiator and as a leader. You learn what it takes to successfully negotiate everything from resources to sales deals to career moves. As a result, you get the tools and the confidence you need to accomplish your goals and achieve the career growth you deserve.

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Who usually attends:

  • Women who are mid to senior level executives
  • Women who have been identified as high potential leaders
  • Women in sales and business development
  • Women’s employee resource groups (ERGs)
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Don’t miss small moments to master negotiation

Negotiation isn’t just about salary or sales. You’re surrounded by opportunities every day to negotiate a better outcome for yourself, your team, and your company. This free guide shows practical ways you can negotiate today.

What do attendees learn during a training?

More than 85% of people want to learn how to negotiate better, but 55% say their current skills are self-taught. Instead of wandering through this process alone, get a framework that works. Game Changer Negotiation Training™ comes directly from the research and experience of former top sports agent Molly Fletcher. She made a career negotiating countless multi-million dollar deals in a male-dominated industry.

Discover the same approach she used to achieve success. As a result, you learn:

  • How to better advocate for yourself, your team, and your organization
  • A practical framework for effective negotiation that leverages your natural strengths
  • Effective negotiation tactics that strengthen relationships with clients and colleagues
  • How to avoid common negotiation pitfalls and recognize self-limiting assumptions that can derail deals
  • How to accelerate career growth and achieve leadership roles inside your organization

Bring this training to your company with a few simple steps.

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Fill out the short form and someone from our team reaches out to choose the right date for you.

Learn the framework.

This exclusive in-house, one-day workshop teaches a proven system for negotiation mastery.

Negotiate with confidence.

With the right skills in place, you have what it takes to negotiate your way to the career you deserve.

  • “The training provided an easy framework for the team to apply, and brought concepts to life by sharing firsthand experiences in negotiating. The session was highly interactive and the facilitator fully engaged the team with not only the content, but with her high level of energy and passion. The team immediately put what they learned into action and I am seeing positive results.”

    - Julie D’Emilio, VP of Sales at Carter’s
  • “Our group really enjoyed participating in your Game Changer Negotiation training. I was reminded of many tools that will help improve my daily communication and negotiation with partners, clients and even friends. The 360 Awareness process is a great tool to help us better understand the personalities, preferences and values of the people with whom we are communicating.”

    - Thomas T. Raney, Senior Vice President, JE Dunn Construction
  • “The Game Changer Negotiation Training is a great hands-on workshop that gave me the most practical tools to take my negotiation skills to the next level. More specifically, the 360 Awareness module helped me to understand that negotiating isn’t always about the numbers and has made me pay attention to what my clients truly find valuable as an individual.”

    - Adam Penaflorida, Leadership Solutions Guide, Leadercast
  • Our sales team was trained on practical tools and techniques to start improving the negotiation process immediately. More importantly, we immediately implemented the Game Changer Negotiation app integrated with Salesforce: it ensures the training is part of our daily sales process so that we can close better quality deals, faster, while strengthening our relationships with our clients.

    - Vincent Morin, Vice-President, Global Sales Operations, Ciena
  • My sales team was pumped after this virtual training. They were engaged and took away techniques to improve their negotiations right away. The crux of the Game Changer Negotiation Training philosophy – that negotiation is just a conversation and is based in strengthening relationships – created a lot of aha moments for our sales team. All of them took what they learned and immediately put it into action. Amazing training!

    - Duke Moseley, ISI Business School at Intuitive Surgical

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You choose the best geographic or virtual location that is most convenient • Minimum of 16 participants and maximum of 30 participants • All participant materials are included in the cost

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