Game Changer Negotiation Training™

An exclusive in-house, one-day negotiation workshop for your team.

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Get what you want, strengthen your relationships and enjoy the process

Do you like to get what you want but don’t like negotiating? You aren’t alone. 86% of people say they want to learn how to negotiate more effectively and 55% say any negotiation skills they have were self-taught. What you need is a simple framework to help you become a better negotiator. When you work with us, you’ll learn our proven approach to successful negotiation that will help you ask for what you want, create value for both sides, and close more deals– faster.


The rules underlying ever aspect of negotiation


Make it real with negotiation simulations


Straightforward methodology to apply to any negotiation

In-house workshops are ideal if:

  • Your failed negotiations result in a loss of profitability
  • You lose deals simply because of a lack of experience
  • You worry about damaging relationships during the negotiation process
  • You negotiate with the same company or people multiple times
  • You manage complex negotiation and/or a high volume of negotiations
  • You want to accelerate the deal process

Who usually attends:

  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Professionals
  • Buyers & Contract Negotiators
  • C-Suite Executives and Emerging Leaders
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Delivers results based on a proven formula:

During your Game Changer Negotiation Training ™ workshop, we’ll take you through our proven methodology to get immediate results.

It’s based on decades of best practices and research from former top sports agent Molly Fletcher, who negotiated more than $500 million dollars in deals for some of sport’s biggest stars. Her proven approach to negotiating can be learned, practiced and applied in any business, regardless of your industry, experience, or job title.

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The benefits go far beyond the workshop!

Negotiating is everywhere. Every day. We negotiate every day at work and every day in our personal lives. We negotiate deals – yes, but we also negotiate where we spend our time, our energy and our resources. We need to be skilled negotiators, but we also need to be relational in our approach, NOT transactional.

Best of all, you’ll see the results in your bottom line. You’ll close more deals, do it more efficiently, and no longer feel apprehensive walking into a negotiation. “The other party” will become friends and your people and your business will break through in ways that once felt impossible. And, you’ll reap the personal benefits too, since negotiation isn’t confined to the four corners of your office.

  • “The training provided an easy framework for the team to apply, and brought concepts to life by sharing firsthand experiences in negotiating. The session was highly interactive and the facilitator fully engaged the team with not only the content, but with her high level of energy and passion. The team immediately put what they learned into action and I am seeing positive results.”

    - Julie D’Emilio, VP of Sales at Carter’s
  • “Our group really enjoyed participating in your Game Changer Negotiation training. I was reminded of many tools that will help improve my daily communication and negotiation with partners, clients and even friends. The 360 Awareness process is a great tool to help us better understand the personalities, preferences and values of the people with whom we are communicating.”

    - Thomas T. Raney, Senior Vice President, JE Dunn Construction
  • “The Game Changer Negotiation Training is a great hands-on workshop that gave me the most practical tools to take my negotiation skills to the next level. More specifically, the 360 Awareness module helped me to understand that negotiating isn’t always about the numbers and has made me pay attention to what my clients truly find valuable as an individual.”

    - Adam Penaflorida, Leadership Solutions Guide, Leadercast

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With Game Changer Negotiation Training™ you get:

  • A simple framework to apply to any negotiation
  • Tools to negotiate with people of all personality types and negotiation styles
  • Strategies to resolve conflicts and disconnects before they escalate
  • Best practices for closing the deal
  • A common language that will make your team more efficient in preparing for negotiations

What clients experience after implementing our methodology:

  • Confident, prepared negotiators
  • Productive deals and long-lasting partnerships
  • Stronger, more productive relationships with those you negotiate with
  • A significant return on investment as better negotiating results in higher close rates and margins
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An exclusive in-house, one-day workshop • You choose the location that is most convenient and we’ll be there • Minimum of 16 participants and maximum of 30 participants • All participant materials are included in the cost

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