Game Changer Negotiation Training™ for Women

An exclusive, in-house, one-day negotiation workshop for women leaders.

Get what you want, strengthen your relationships and enjoy the process

When women in business have formal negotiation training, they have the tools and confidence to advocate for themselves, their team and their organization… which leads to better business outcomes for everyone.

Women who are comfortable negotiating are significantly more likely to feel fairly rewarded for their work and believe their company has a great deal of personal meaning and growth potential for them. We know employee engagement improves business results and creates a culture of change agents.

Negotiation is also essential as women navigate their career path and help their team grow. Business women have to ask for what they want to attain necessary resources, navigate interdepartmental requests and build solid business cases to exceed expectations for their teams and clients.

Negotiation is a critical core competency for women in business, yet many women lack the training and confidence to leverage their skills. Our negotiation training helps women drive results while strengthening their professional relationships and close the gap between aspirations and outcomes.

Simply put, teaching women in your organization how to negotiate effectively is good for business.


The rules underlying every aspect of negotiation


Make it real with negotiation simulations


Straightforward methodology to apply to any negotiation

Who usually attends:

  • Women who are mid to senior level executives
  • Women who have been identified as high potential leaders
  • Women in sales and business development
  • Women’s employee resource groups (ERGs)
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Delivers results based on a winning formula:

During your Game Changer Negotiation Training ™ workshop, we’ll take you through our proven methodology to get immediate results.

It’s based on decades of best practices and research from former top sports agent Molly Fletcher, who negotiated more than $500 million dollars in deals for some of sport’s biggest stars. Her professional approach to negotiating can be learned, practiced and applied in any business, regardless of your industry, experience, or job title.

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Game Changer Negotiation Training ™ Helps Women:

  • Advocate for themselves, their team and their organization
  • Deploy a practical framework for effective negotiation that leverages their natural strengths
  • Negotiate successfully while strengthening their relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Avoid common negotiation pitfalls and recognize self-limiting assumptions that can derail deals
  • Achieve leadership roles inside their organization and accelerate career growth

Organizations that Invest in Women Negotiating Benefit by:

  • Improved business outcomes and optimal deal terms
  • Increased close rate, bigger deal size, and faster sales cycle
  • Increased retention of top talent (decrease turnover)
  • More women in leadership positions
  • Higher employee engagement, satisfaction and performance
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Workshop Materials:

  • Game Changer Negotiation TrainingTM participant guide
  • Copy of “A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating: How Conversation Gets Deals Done” by Molly Fletcher
  • Continuous engagement package with access to e-learning

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An exclusive in-house, one-day workshop • You choose the location that is most convenient and we’ll be there • Minimum of 16 participants and maximum of 30 participants • All participant materials are included in the cost

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